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2014 Activities

Picture from 3D model by OPAXIR
Excavations at the Doganaccia archaeological site have started
The Doganaccia necropoli's diggings - now at the seventh excavation campaign - restarted in July 2014, with the support of the Regione Lazio and the Municipality of Tarquinia.
During the initial phase, the intervention will concern the "Tumulus of the King", once excavated by Giuseppe Cultrera: a complete restoration of the monument is expected, along with the recovery of the burial chamber and of the atrium (piazzaletto) - the latter, when the restoration will be completed, will host shows and meetings, as during the Etruscan period, when it was location of ceremonies.
During the second phase, the "Tumulus of the Queen" and the adjacent necropolis will be examined: the entrance's contour will be highlighted and, above all, a section of the tomb's original architectural contour will be reconstructed: this will be possible thanks to the data gathered during the past excavations.
Another intervention will concern the Tomb of the hanging aryballos, that will be opened again in order to complete the investigation and strengthen the structure.
Some informational panels and multimedia apps will allow a better understanding of the aristocratic necropoli's original appearance.
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