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Work In Progress...

August 6, 2012: begins the fifth excavation of the “Tumulus of the Queen”.
This year archaeologists are engaged on the outer profile of the tomb, especially on the north-eastern portion of the base. In this area, the buried area is still consistent despite plowing have deeply eroded the ground in the past. The investigations will allow to calculate exactly the diameter of the monument, estimated at around 40 meters in the current state of knowledge, and to specify its design.
During the 2011 excavations, an array of large blocks of nenfro emerged behind the tumulus, exactly in opposite position in comparison to the entry: it is probably the foundations of a structure originally set to the monument, destroyed by agricultural vehicles. The remains of a great animal statue in nenfro, of which two legs were clearly recognized, were recovered in the ground located above this area. Surveys of this year will aim to define the characteristics of a small ancillary building in the tumulus, maybe a structure of worship.
Parallel to the excavation, the work on materials coming from the “Tumulus of the Queen” proceeds. In recent years numerous artifacts were found: pottery (especially of Villanovian, Orientalizing and Archaic epochs), metals, glass paste and fragments of stone sculptures. All these objects, once cleaned, inventoried and signed, were subjected to an initial restoration and then classified.
The study of materials is of fundamental importance for the reconstruction of the composition of the funeral furniture and for a chronological definition of contexts. The tumulus investigation passes also through these moments: a long and patient work done in the laboratory to essential completion of the operations of excavation.
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