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The Enhancement Project Of The UNESCO Site

The enhancement project called "Via dei Principi " [Way of Princes] is promoted by the Culture, Arts and Sports Department of the Lazio Region, by the Culture Department of the City of Tarquinia and by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Southern Etruria.
The archaeological tour aims to bring together into a single circuit the great burial tumuli found in the necropolis of Monterozzis and in the area around the Etruscan town of Tarquinia, in places with a strong landscape suggestion. The fulcrum of the system is the Dogananccia's burial area, recently unearthed by the archaeological excavations of the University of Turin and enhanced by a series of interventions aimed at accessibility of the public.
The necropolis of Tarquinia and Cerveteri are UNESCO site since 2004.
The cultural center is equipped with its own management plan that binds the two municipalities, the provinces of Viterbo and Rome, the Lazio Region and the Ministry for Arts and Cultural Affairs to jointly develop and harmonize policies for safeguarding and enhancement this important archaeological heritage.
A significant part of the projects and of the valuation strategies focused on building new information and hosting services between Cerveteri and Tarquinia, with a series of joint actions that improve the overall Unesco site as a unique system of cultural offering. Cornerstone of this strategy is also the creation of a coordinated system that supplies the Etruscan UNESCO site with the Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Vulci. Also noteworthy is the improvement of the "readability" of the two national museums of Cerveteri and Tarquinia through the recovery of several rooms that can be designed to accommodate multimedia outreach and 3D reconstructions.
The promotional strategies implemented on the Etruscan necropolis by the City of Tarquinia and by the Archaeological Superintendence of Southern Etruria, with the help of universities operating in the region, and with the financial support of the Lazio Region and of private institutions, focused mainly on burial areas less known than the one of Calvary.
Specifically, the exploitation of the necropolises of the “Primi” and “Secondi Archi” and the realization of the thematic archaeological itinerary of the great tumuli, the so-called "Via dei Principi".
The institutions will proceed to the progressive public opening of the “grave of the Typhoon” and the “graves Giglioli and Giustiniani” in the necropolis of the “Primi” and “Secondi Archi”, that will add to the tombs of the Panthers, of the Baron, of the Taurus and of the Wishes. The new itinerary will be put to the system with the creation of trekking itineraries along the roads of the Arcatelles.
Luca Gufi
Archaeological Areas Enhancement Office - City of Tarquinia
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